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R.I.P. Dave Mirra

Rest In Peace Mirracleboy!IMG 8844


S&M and FIT


FIT and S&M orders are coming in frequently, check our pricelist for all
new stuff like:
- FIT Cranks with 24mm axle
- FIT High Top V2 stems in Raw/Silver/Green
- FIT Beanies, Hats, Belts and more merchandise
- FIT USA MADE Wifi Frames
- FIT Hoodbird Handlebars

- FIT Begin Frames


- S&M Dagger Frames
- S&M SHredneck stems

- S&M Beanies, Hats, Socks and lots of other merchandise
- S&M Forks, Bars, Grips, Tires, Hubguards etc etc etc.





R.I.P Lambert van Stekelenborg

Today is a sad day.


This morning I got a message from a BMX friend says Lambert van Stekelenborg is no
longer with us. A total shock that my "mentor" died at 70 years old. Lambert started
Lageja (LAmbert, GErard,JAn) in 1980 and was the pioneer in lots of sports like
skateboarding (He had the Powell team doing demos in his frontyard), Inline Skating,
Street Hockey and of course BMX race and BMX Freestyle. He wasn't scared to
organise big contests and shows, Mat Hoffman was invited many times to do shows and his skatecontests at the Icerink in Eindhoven are legendary, he did more for the
Extreme sports than anybody in the Netherlands.

In 1995 we started Paul's Boutique BMX Hardware Store and were equal partners in this
risky start with only 10 BMX Freestylers left in 1995 but as said: He was not scared!
Always a good smile, every week we rode our bikes to Eindhoven just to hang out with
Lambert and Family and drink one or two "Cola Lights"....his favourite Johnny Walker
wiskey Coca Cola mix. We organised numerous skate and BMX events over the years
and alwasys had a good time.

I will miss you my friend, you gave me the opportunity to start Paul's Boutique BMX and
and although we split ways in the year 2000 you were always giving me tips and a smile
on my face. That smile is gone now, Rest in Peace, thanks for everything, you will be missed.



Hoffman Bikes 25th Anniversary!


Matt Hoffman has been my favourite BMX'er since the first time I saw him in 1987, he
slept on the floor in my house, mowed the grass in my backyard, been a HDT member for
25 years, got me to places all over the World and since day one he trusted Paul's Boutique
as their distributor in the Netherlands. The Hoffman Crew is always fun to hang out with
and now its time to celebrate their 25th Anniversary!

T-Shirts are on the way from Oklahoma, check our pricelist and reserve one!

Thank you HB for making BMX so much fun!


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