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News from Paul's Boutique BMX

CARNAVAL almost in town: Closed Tuesday March 8th ! Open on Saturday March 5th. ALAAF!:

(Dus geopend op Carnavals Zaterdag 5 Maart en gesloten op Dinsdag 8 Maart a.s. ALAAF!)

- S&M Handlebars on its way, Perfect 10, Hoder and 20 different other S&M bars.
- FIT F.A.F. tires also coming soon, Wire Bead and Kevlar Bead (Foldable).
- Animal tool "Kolulak", Hamilton PC pedals, Edwin Grips in stock again
- Shadow PC pedals, Vultrus bars, Wallets, Hats, Halflink chains in stock now
- Sputnic chains in 7 different colors Euro 8,95 each
- Stay Strong Grips in 4 colors Euro 12,50 each

CLOSED FEBRUARY 4th and 5th 2011!


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4th and SATURDAY FEBRUARY 5th 2011, Open again February 8th
Vrijdag 4 Februari en Zaterdag 5 Februari GESLOTEN, Dinsdag 8 Februari weer open.

NEWS: ECLAT, SALT en SALT PLUS 2011 parts in stock now!

SIMPLE JETSET BARS 8.5in and more new SIMPLE Parts

Simple 8.5 Jetset BarsNew in stock:

- JETSET Bars 8.5in in Chrome
- JETSET Bars 8.5in in 4 colors (see picture)
- EJECT V2 Fronthub 36s Black
- EJECT V2 Cassettehub 36s Black 9T
- SPOKES 184mm or 186mm Black
- KEEP IT SIMPLE T-shirts Black

And check the new Chase Hawk Grips! Animal Pegs & seatpost! Flybikes Stem & Peg!
All t-shirts are online now! New S&M Perfect 10 and Hoder bars really soon!!!


STAY STRONG T-shirts and Grips in stock now:
Click here to check Stay Strong products in our webshop

thumb_Stay-Strong-GripsStay Strong Gripsthumb_Stay_Strong_VisionStay Strong T-shirts
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